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And then there were four…

Overnight the number of residents at St. Pirin 16, Miladinovtsi has doubled.

Over the years there’s been a few fluctuations with various dogs and people coming and going, some staying longer than others, with myself and Gina outlasting all.

Following the recent death of a man in the village and the animal fire sale being conducted by his widow, two new family members arrived at my house in the middle of the night…

Say hello to Goosey & Lucy

Goosey’s the darker one and that’s the boy and Lucy is the white female…

At the moment they’re ensconced in the garage, which I’m hoping will allow them to settle in and get used to me as their new owner.  Geese are notorious for their homing abilities and will return from whence they came if they get the chance, so while I’m waiting for someone to help me cut their wings they remain in the garage. Once that’s done, I’m turning the old dog house into the new goose house and installing the old bath I pulled out of my bathroom as their swimming pool.

Like I didn’t have enough to do  🙂

I really love geese.  I think they are the proudest of birds and I love watching them strutting around, heads held high, letting out the occasional honk.  I am very happy to welcome these two into my life.

Addendum:  Mitko called by so we just chased two very flighty geese around my garage and they now have their wings clipped. It was certainly a chaotic flurry of feathers and honking, but now I know they can’t fly away.

They have now been moved into the old dog compound and Mitko also helped me move the old bath in there as well.  It’s been filled with lovely clean water especially for them, because geese love lots of water to play in. ………Now I’m waiting for them to emerge from the house, which is where they retreated after the wing clipping and I haven’t seen them since. I’m sure once they recover from the shock of events of the last 20 hours, they will be fine.

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