For Sale

 Boutique Hotel/ Bed and Breakfast

16 Pirin Street, Miladinovsti, Bulgaria


200 000€

Approximately AUD $300,000 / GBP £165,000


For Sale: 16 Pirin St, Mila

The property is being sold as an ongoing business. It is ready to re-open as a B&B, or as a boutique hotel, catering for guests who want to experience rural-based Escape Tourism or to relax in the quiet solitude of a peaceful village surrounded by mountains and with easy access to key Historic Thracian sites.

The house welcomes the sun and light and has expansive and large double-glazed windows in every room.

There is a website in place which you can re-build to suit your preferences. The property is being sold as a “going concern”, and all it needs is your touch.

It is situated in a peaceful and welcoming village of 400 people, 30 kilometres from Yambol which is the nearest commercial and administrative centre. This is a perfect venue for Escape Tourism, and for those who just wish to slow down, and relax. It is easily accessed via the busy Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, or from the Bulgarian Capital, Sophia.


The building comprises six large bedrooms, four bathrooms, two spacious living/relaxing areas, and two and a half kitchens. In addition there is a large shed and workshop on the property, with secure car parking, an equipped workshop and a substantial storage area.

Three storeys of the house have been fully refurbished to capture light and sun throughout winter and summer. The upper storeys have magnificent views of the village and surrounds, and to the nearby mountains.

Included in the house:

  • Satellite WiFi
  • Television access with excellent uninterrupted reception
  • Full central heating
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning in some rooms
  • Outdoor summer furniture
  • All necessary tools for maintenance such as a lawnmower and garden tools
  • Shade marquee for summer
  • Baby cot
  • A library of videos, DVDs and music CDs for use by guests
  • Bed linen and bathroom towels for guests, as well as electric blankets for most beds
  • Hydrofoil pump for generating water from a well in the event of water shortage or unavailability.

The whole property is landscaped and has secure fencing for the perimeter. It has paved entertainment areas, three areas of shade pergolas, cultivated areas for growing vegetable, fruit trees, grape vines for fruit and summer shade and rose gardens.


Ground Floor (Guests)
  • 90m2
  • Welcoming entry and discrete storage area under stairs
  • Rose Room and Blue Room: Two fully furnished and equipped double rooms, each with en suite bathroom and independent hot water systems, reverse-cycle air-con, electric blankets – and many windows welcoming the sun and the light
  • A spacious guest retreat with easy summer access to the spacious patio area at the front of the house
  • A fully equipped utility and guest kitchen which is excellent for catering for outdoors entertaining


First Floor (Proprietor’s Living Quarters)
  • 90 m2
  • A spacious kitchen/dining and living area with a wood-fired heater and reverse cycle air-conditioner, gas cooking and double electric oven. It has a custom-built table that is three metres long (!), and matching chairs.
  • Each room has access to balconies
  • A spacious bathroom
  • Large double bedroom with reverse-cycle air conditioning and fabulous views of the nearby forest.
  • Laundry and linen storage area, and hot water system.
  • This area is sparsely furnished with custom-built furniture as it is envisaged that the new owners will use this as their living area and will furnish with their own possessions.
Second Floor (Guests)
  • 90 m2
  • Three spacious bedrooms and sleeps seven guests (1 x double, 1 x twin, and 1 x double plus single bed): Klimpt Room: Double – fully furnished and equipped double bed, fan and oil heater, and access to balcony; Twin Room: two king singles, fully furnished and equipped, fan (and access to balcony); Tulip Room: Double plus single – fully furnished and equipped beds ( and access to two balconies).
  • A spacious and sun-welcoming bathroom with its own hot water system and access to the balcony
  • Guest half-kitchen
Third Floor (needs work)

The fourth floor is again 90 square metres space and is incomplete – and ready for your touch, flair and ideas. You can realise the rest of this vision. It can be developed to provide another 3 guest areas plus a bathroom, wc, and half or full kitchen. This floor provides you the opportunity to put your stamp on your vision of the next development level for this magnificent property.



For further information about the property please contact either of the people listed below:

Mr Sergey Polovski: Bulgarian Properties  +359 885 756 595

Ms Elvira Hristova: New Home SV  +359 478 88583



PHOTO: Jack, Sue’s brother stands on the jetty at Princess Royal Harbour, before boarding the ferry  with Suzie’s ashes.
(Photographer: Mike Adlam, family friend)

Well, one year has passed since Suzie, our Aussie-in-Bulgaria died.

The sadness remains; however, the pain of loss is subsiding, albeit only incrementally.

I was unable to bring myself to post the promised account of the Albany Farewell in May 2012. As the pain heals, I can now give the promised account.

It was an occasion of mixed emotions. About 250 people attended, and many travelled long distances to be present. The local Member of Parliament, the Hon. Peter Watson  read the official eulogy and others read their farewell messages.


PHOTO: Hon Peter Watson reads the eulogy at Suzie’s farewell.
(Photo: Ari Petursson, Sue’s Brother-in-Law)

There was sadness and contemplation amongst the crowd:


(Photo: Ari Petursson)

And of course as people regaled us with stories of Suzie’s full and adventurous life, there was much laughter.


(Photo: Ari Petursson)

Sue’s immediate family then boarded a ferry to go out into Princess Royal Harbour, and following Sue’s wishes, we scattered her ashes, with rose petals and sprigs of Rosemary and other flowers.


PHOTO: The ferry takes Suzie’s family out into the harbour to scatter a third of her ashes as she wished.
(Photo: Ari Petursson)

When we returned to the Quarantine Station, the venue for the Celebration of Suzie’s life, there was ample opportunity to revel in her fun life. There was a 354-slide Powerpoint presentation running continuously, and Suzie’s library of photo Albums was available to peruse. Most of the photos were of parties, and people having a lot of fun with the Queen of Welcomes, Suzie.  Her sister, Marie prepared a Montage Board telling the story of Sue’s life:


(Photo: Ari Petursson)

Many people from Suzie’s past offered photos to be displayed, and this one of her taking photography seriously at a VERY early age tells its own story:


PHOTO: Suzie taking photos at about 10 years of age ( that’e her with the camera!).
(Photo: Mr Eric Harley).

Although a celebration of a life well- and fully-lived, it was a sad occasion for which most of Sue’s family came together (some were overseas).  She would have loved the event, and I am sure would have been the last to leave… .

A quaggle of Quigleys 5 May 2012 - Copy

PHOTO: Suzie’s immediate family gather together to say”Goodbye”.
(Photo; Liza Gallen [Mercer], Sue’s niece.)

We celebrated with wine and fabulous food, listened to her prolific Library of music, cried, laughed, caught up with old and dear friends who cared for her. It was a Big send-off for a Big Goirl who had a Big Presence in our lives!

The main message at her fabulous farewell, was that  she showed us how important it was to take our fear in hand and go and Just Do It! Follow our dreams as she did hers.

Her legacy lives on with sweet memories and just a few drinks being enjoyed around the World by those who cared for her and loved her.

She rests in peace.

PS: I have just discovered and uploaded 27 messages from last year of which I was unaware. They are now inserted in the various posts to which they relate.

To all Sue’s dear Friends and followers throughout the World:  If you would like a message from you read out at her farewell on the 5th May in Albany, please:

  1. post a comment here at her Blog, or,
  2. email your message to Sue’s old email address ( I will pick the message up and process them for reading out).

As well, there will be a running Powerpoint presentation of photos of her life, with friends, her family and at myriad parties, and in various exotic locations throughout the World-that-was-her-Oyster!

  • If you have a favourite photo/s of her with you, please email  it to my attention at her old e-address.


PHOTO: Kerrie Green ( Sue’s second cousin)

I will post  a summary of proceedings and some photos in the week after the event.

Sue Mercer

A farewell to celebrate

Sue Mercer’s life

will be held at Camp Quaranup, Albany

Saturday 5th May 2012

1.30pm start

Posted by her sister, Jillian.

A farewell for Sue will be held in Albany in Western Australia on Saturday the 5th May 2012.

Sue’s ashes, accompanied by her two brothers Tony and Jack and her neice, Elizabeth, are now safely in Australia. Sue’s wishes were that a third go each to the harbour in Albany, Scotland, and in her precious and bountiful garden in Miladinovsti. The family will scatter some of them in Princess Royal Harbour.

Later, a gathering to celebrate Sue’s life will happen. Friends and well-wishers from the broad spectrum of life that Sue’s warmth reached are expected to attend.

Posted by her sister, Jillian

On Saturday the 3rd March the people of Miladinovsti held a farewell service in the Village Church. Sue’s family had only intended to follow her instructions and have her cremated in Sophia. However, the Mayor and the provincial priest insisted that something be held for her. He pointed out that Sue had raised substantial money for the restoration of the Church and that all wished to say, farewell and thank you.

With Hristina’s help I posted flyers around the Village to inform everyone that there would be a public viewing. As is the tradition, a poster was also fixed to the gate at 16 Pirin Street:


I was told there was no need to organise flowers as the tradition was to bring them. All we had to do was provide some lollies  –  a little sweet so that people could taste and remember some of the sweetness of Sue’s life.

The day was icey cold with a clear bright sun shining. The newly renovated Church was consecrated late in 2011 and it was the last “social” event that Sue attended before becoming seriously ill. It looked wonderful:


PHOTO: Elizabeth Mercer ( Sue’s neice)

Community members said their goodbyes and even the gypsies came.   Very quickly Sue’s coffin was filled with flowers and many of them snowdrops  –  the first flowers of Spring.

There was present pathos, humour, great sadness and the strong sense of community that so endeared the village to Sue  –  and Sue to the Village people.  Sue would have written it up on her Blog with the incisive wit and observations that have made an-aussie-in-bulgaria famous throughout the World.

Posted by her sister, Jillian

The fighter that Susie was, means that she faced the challenge of her illness with the ferocity of a warrior. But it was too Big for her.
After a short and perplexing illness, Sue died this morning, at 5 am Bulgarian time on the 29th February.
Sue lived her life to the full. Her adventures are legend. She insisted on celebrating this Christmas in her inimitable style – with Moet!
I was blessed to be able to be with her.
Posted by her sister,  Jillian.

PHOTO: Sue Mercer, 14th February 2012 (taken at the blood-testing clinic by her sister Marie).

but it’s not the end of the world ( she said hopefully)

After a week of being snowed in, Marie and I managed to get into Yambol on Tuesday so I could have my long overdue blood test. The results this time were mixed.  My red cells, hemoglobin and platelets have all shown some improvement, but the white soldiers have let me down again with a drop from 1000 back to 700.  I keep getting silly little infections because my immunity is all but non existent…these are things like urinary tract infections and thrush, things I haven’t had for 20 years or more…and strange things growing in my nose…and at the moment, I have a mouth full of ulcers and I just think that the few white cells I have are spending their time fighting these bloody infections and not getting a chance to improve.  When I turned in the good results a few weeks back, that was the first time for ages that I was completely infection free…so the war goes on.

Yesterday Marie made her departure back to Australia and I have some very sad animals around the place…Goosey didn’t disappoint and followed her right to the front gate honking his farewells to her.  If anyone knew something was up, it was him.  If the gate had been open, I have no doubt he would have tried to follow her into the taxi. And Gina, who didn’t show much at all when Marie was leaving, came into my room later that day and was very sad indeed. She sat with her head on my bed, not something Gina does, and just looked plain miserable.  Dinner time cheered her a little, but she’s not that happy this morning and clearly looking for that ‘other’ person.

And as when Jillian left before her, I felt very sad to see Marie go, but she needs to get back to her family and I need to continue to rebuild myself so that hopefully, by the time the weather is warmer, I’ll be doing some work.  It’s a very quiet house this morning.

The weather has warmed considerably so if I can muster the energy, I might try and take Gina for a bit of a shuffle around the village today.  I may not be able to move very quickly now, but I just let her free and she can run crazy…and she does.

Now I wait to hear back from Dr Amine…